Terms of use

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1. You can’t sell contents to 3rd parties (except if it is a part of your design project).
2. You can’t claim that you designed graphics or other contents.
3. You can’t use contents in online and offline generators/makers (banner generators, button generators, business card makers etc.).
4. You can’t use graphics for SPAM websites, illegal business websites, websites that promotes illegal activity and hate/crime websites.
For website owners / sharing rules:
5. You can’t use hotlinks to the stuff.
6. You can’t share stuff (screenshot) at your web site without hyperlinking to the original page at
7. You can’t share files and full size backgrounds at your site.
8. You can’t edit graphics to get copyright on it, thus you can’t share altered graphics as your content.
9. Sharing files from is possible only if the files are yours.

As long as the above conditions are met, you can use the contents for study purpose.