Logo and Identity Branding

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Logo and Identity Branding

Logo Design Distinctive logos are easily recognized worldwide. In this class, you'll build your portfolio by creating challenging logo designs. Lessons will cover corporate identity, branding, image, and repositioning, with reference to real-world case studies. Class exercises will offer a range of creative challenges, allowing you to build your personal style while fulfilling realistic project briefs.

This class addresses each stage of the logo design process, from concept to execution and client presentation. When a business client calls, you'll be ready to wow them with your innovative logo designs.

Class Projects and Objectives:

This class is packed with strategies for logo and identity branding. Students will meet the following objectives:

  • Develop an understanding of how logo design evolved from early logo marks to the icons of today's consumer society.
  • Create three distinct logos in black and white for a record label.
  • Develop an understanding of the influences of corporate identity, image, and branding on logo design.
  • Develop a brand design including a overall brand, logo, and identity for an airline.
  • Develop strategies and techniques for brainstorming creative logo ideas.
  • Create two visual identity marks for a major sports event at a city.
  • Understand and express the fundamental properties of successful logos.
  • Create three distinct logos, a brief, and a criteria matrix for a movie studio.
  • Learn techniques for the contraction phase of a logo design project and for working with clients.
  • Create a branding statement and three visual identities for a designer or design agency.
  • Learn approaches for the finalization and presentation phase of logo design.
  • Finalize a visual identity for a designer or design agency and develop visual mockups of the logo's application.